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How You Should Spend Your Christmas Money (2022 Edition)

  How You Should Spend Your Christmas Money (2022 Edition) There is no better feeling as a child or even as an adult than coming downstairs early on December 25th to open presents! As you slowly wake everyone up around you in preparation for gift giving, you are left there wondering what you might get. As you slowly grow out of your childhood, your gifts begin to come in smaller boxes and sometimes only in envelopes. These smaller and more compact gifts tend to hold an even better gift: money! As most people can remember, the Christmas eve/morning as an adult tends to follow the same path: you wait and watch as the envelopes from loved-ones are passed around the Christmas tree and you begin to imagine what you would do with the money. Would you buy new speaker? A new phone? Nothing? As you begin to open up the envelope, taking a long moment to glance at the Christmas-themed card and take a look at the kind words that the person wrote for you, you are finally able to take a quick peek a