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Everything you Need to Know to Become a Finance Analyst in 2021

Everything you Need to Know to Become a Finance Analyst in 2021  With the economic instability and unemployment on the rise throughout 2020 and the beginning of 2021, one of the reasons that students are continuing to pursue their education is to help improve their chances of finding a job after graduation. Higher learning has become one of the simplest ways to remain competitive in a world where more and more jobs seem to be replaced by Artificial Intelligence.  As most students are hoping to find employment in a field that they are passionate about, most graduates will be stuck searching for jobs that will provide just enough income to survive, but not enough income to be able to pay down their student debt or to begin saving for retirement immediately. Most graduates will have the burden of student debt for many years and will begin looking for higher paying jobs in the hopes of becoming financially stable. One of the positions that can provide financial stability is that of a F

Investing for Beginners – Emotions and the Stock Market

Investing for Beginners – Emotions and the Stock Market One of the biggest tips when it comes to investing in the stock market is to avoid being emotional as emotions can negatively affect your returns. Although emotions are great in many situations that you might find yourself in every day, when it comes to the stock market, there is nothing more dangerous than being emotional. Imagine this, you have just invested your first $2,000 in a blue-chip stock – a stable stock that has a large market capitalization with an excellent reputation. You know that this decision is a smart one as the stock might not provide a high return but will provide a return that is in line with the stock market and is considered to be a safe investment option. It is a safer investment option as the company has been around for a long time and has built up an incredible reputation and it also might provide a strong quarterly dividend. Now your friend, who is less interested in personal finance and more into