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How to be Better with your Money in 2021

How to be Better with your Money in 2021 Usually when people think about personal finance, they just assume that it will be easy. Money is money, right? What can be so complicated about saving money and then investing it? You graduate from university/college, you get your first real job, you start making big-boy or big-girl money and then you have the opportunity to start spending that money on whatever you want! Most people will usually buy a house and/or a car in between starting to work and retiring. At some point before you retire, you are expected to have magically saved up enough money to be able retire comfortably without needing to work again. Of course, at this point you hope that the beautiful house and car that you purchased all those years ago are completely paid off and you are left without any debts. Well at least that is the dream but for most people, real life is just not that easy. In reality, personal finance is confusing, and a source of worry for most people a