Why I Do Not Own a TV and Why That Changed

Why I Do Not Own a TV and Why That Changed

I don’t own a TV, there I said it. Like most of my family and friends, you are probably shocked by that statement. Who doesn’t own a TV? Isn’t a TV one of those things that just magically show up in a new apartment? What do you do when you get home after school/work? Well I will tell you a little secret: it was not my idea not to get a TV, it just sort of happened. 

When I moved into my new apartment, I had gotten all of the basics, food, a place to sleep and a nice comfortable sofa to relax in. Now I had just moved to a different city for my new job, which was the reason why I had gotten my first apartment in the first place and felt like I was finally becoming an adult. As you can imagine, a new city and a new job kept me busy! What started as a simple procrastination of saying “I will go to Best Buy this weekend to buy a TV” soon became “I’ll do it next week!” And suddenly it had been a month since I had moved in and no TV or motivation to get one.

Now it had nothing to do with money or the cost of a new TV, when you move, you somewhat just expect to spend anywhere from $250-500 on a new TV. It has a given, whenever you go to someone’s place, they might not have nice carpets or a clean bathroom but I promise you they have a TV. So than why, did I not have a TV? Now before you wonder what I did for that month of having no TV, do not forget I’m a millennial! So the answer was a very easy Netflix on my computer. I had learned quickly, through my laziness, that I do not really need a TV. The only thing I used my TV back at home for was to watch shows that were already downloaded on my computer, on a bigger screen. I do not think our generation takes the time to watch cable TV and I have never been a big sports fan so I do not mind skipping the latest football or basketball game (which during COVID-19 is not even an issue anymore). Therefore, I thought to myself what is the point of getting a TV when I will not use it. My computer screen is large enough for myself and with work and life happening all around me, I did not think I would have enough time to actually use a TV; so I opted not to buy one.

Than the unexpected happened: COVID-19. As I watched the world around me begin to close up and ask residents to stay and work / live at home, I realized that being indoors without a TV is like being on a rowboat without a paddle: you still move but just slower in general. What started as being convenient to watch a little bit of a show on became unbearable on a normal sized computer screen. I was officially bored and tired of watching shows on a small screen! 

So I did what any rational adult would do, I made myself a deal. If the pandemic were to continue past July 1st, 2020, I would bite the bullet and order a TV for my apartment. Now, as most of you realize, that date came and went quickly! So now, as an adult who keeps his promises, I have gone ahead and started organizing myself to get a TV.

Although I have enjoyed the last couple of months being “un-plugged” from electronics, I mean besides my phone and computer, it will be fun to have a TV again and I will probably buy a gaming console too, just to make sure I use my new TV to the max! I am sure I will have plenty of time to waste (and enjoy) using the TV in the months of quarantine to come!

Let me know in the comments how you are keeping yourself busy during these crazy times? Do you have a TV? How long after you moved out did you get yourself your TV? Was it even before finding an apartment to live in? Let me know!


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